Training Information

 Damon Allen and Christy Krall
Choreographer: Mark Pillay, Ben Agosto
Training Center: Broadmoor World Arena
Skating Club: DuPage Figure Skating Club


2022-2023 Season

SP Music: “Romani Holiday” by Hans Zimmer

FS Music: Music from The Artist by Ludovic Bource

  • U.S. Championships – 10th
  • NHK Trophy – 12th
  • MK John Wilson Trophy – 9th
  • Lombardia Trophy – WD
  • Cranberry Cup – 2nd
2021-2022 Season

SP Music: “Standards” by Leslie Odom Jr.

FS Music: Music from The Artist by Ludovic Bource

  • Four Continents Championships – 8th
  • NHK Trophy – 9th
  • Skate Canada International – 11th
  • Lombardia Trophy – 5th
  • Cranberry Cup International – 7th


2020-2021 Season

SP Music: “Standards” by Leslie Odom Jr.

FS Music: “Take 5” by Dave Brubeck, “Blue Light, Red Light” by Harry Connick Jr. and “Nutville” by Buddy Rich

  • U.S. Championships – 7th
  • Skate America – 4th


2019-2020 Season

SP Music: “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic

FS Music: Petrushka by Igor Stravinsky

  • Four Continents Championships – 9th
  • U.S. Championships – 3rd
  • NHK Trophy – 10th
  • Internationaux de France – 5th
  • U.S. International Classic – 5th


2018-2019 Season

SP Music: “Cry Me a River” by Arthur Hamilton, performed by Michael Bublé

FS Music: “Fate of the Gods” by Steven Reineke (Choreography by Ben Agosto)

  • World Junior Championships – 1st
  • Four Continents Championships – 8th
  • U.S. Championships  – 4th
  • Junior Grand Prix Final – 6th
  • Alpen Trophy – 3rd
  • Junior Grand Prix Slovenia – 2nd
  • Junior Grand Prix Canada – 2nd
2017-2018 Season
SP Music: “Emerald Tiger” by Vanessa-Mae
(Choreography by Rohene Ward)

FS Music: “The Last of the Mohicans” by Trevor Jones (Chorography by Rohene Ward)

  • World Junior Championships – 7th
  • U.S. Championships – 12th
  • Midwestern Sectionals – 2nd
  • Junior Grand Prix Italy – 3rd
  • Junior Grand Prix Latvia – 3rd
2016-2017 Season
SP: “Some Things” and “Big and Bad” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
(Choreography by Marina Zueva)

FS: La Strada by Nino Rota
(Choreography by Marina Zueva)

  • U.S. Championships – 15th
  • Warsaw Cup – 9th
  • Junior Grand Prix France – 6th
2015-2016 Season
SP Music: “I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown
(Choreography by Olga Ganicheva)

FS Music: Charlie Chaplin Medley
(Choreography by Olga Ganicheva)

  • Junior World Championships – 3rd
  • U.S. Championships (junior) – 1st
  • Midwestern Sectionals (junior) -2nd
  • Junior Grand Prix  Croatia – 3rd
  • Junior Grand Prix USA – 5th
2014-2015 Season
SP Music: “Take Five” and “Unsquare Dance” by The Dave Brubeck Quartet
(Choreography by Alexandre Fadeev)

FS Music: “The Barber of Seville” by Gioachino Rossini
(Choreography by Alexandre Fadeev)

  • International Challenge Cup – 1st
  • U.S. Championships (Junior) – 5th
  • Midwestern Sectional (Junior) – 3rd
2013-2014 Season
(Missed entire season after fracturing his foot in an official practice at the Junior Grand Prix in Mexico)
2012-2013 Season
SP Music: “Orange Blossom Special” by Ervin T. Rouse
(Choreography by Alexandre Fadeev)

FS Music: “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss II
(Choreography by Alexandre Fadeev)

  • U.S. Championships (Novice) – 1st
  • Midwestern Sectionals (Novice) – 1st
  • Upper Great Lakes Regionals (Novice) – 1st
Early Career
2011-2012 Season

  • U.S. Championships (Intermediate) – 1st
  • Upper Great Lakes Regionals (Intermediate) – 1st

2010-2011 Season

  • U.S. Championships (Juvenile) – 1st
  • Upper Great Lakes Regionals (Juvenile) – 1st

2009-2010 Season

  • U.S. Championships (Juvenile) – 6th
  • Upper Great Lakes Regionals (Juvenile) – 3rd